Makig Miles Matter

On September 23, 2018, Erin Sheridan and Derek Fitzgerald will be running 16 miles as part of their training for the upcoming New York City Marathon on November 4, 2018 with the Ironman Foundation - but what about making those miles count for MORE than just logging training miles? Four of the charity partners listed are holding their own 5k on or near September 23rd, either a physical race, or a virtual race. The only charity NOT holding a 5k that day is the Ironman Foundation. Erin and Derek will be rounding out the full 16 miles on behalf of their Ironman Foundation efforts. Below you will find a list of Erin and Derek's fundraising pages for each race. Please click any of the links to support any of our associated charities. Your donations will go directly to each individual charity. The Recycledman Foundation receives nothing, and you will get nothing back from the Recycledman Foundation other than the satisfaction of supporting phenomenal charitable organizations and knowing that you're an awesome human being. If you're feeling exceptionally motivated, sign up for the races using these links and run with us!

Thanks for everything!

Erin Sheridan
Derek Fitzgerald